About l’auteur

I consider myself a work in progress. I have an opinion, and unfortunately tend to exercise it like a hamster in a treadmill. Sometimes I repeat myself, but that is part of my dumbed-down charm that makes me so irresistibly irritating.

I have a habit of covering everything in a fancy wrapping paper called ‘sarcasm’, which comes in many colours and textures, and unfortunately no return-to-sender address. I find myself drawn to technology, like a moth to a flame, or the funny fat kid to the super-size meal – because I love the idea that life can be made simpler and easier; and because it need not be this damned complicated!

Recently, I have graduated from normal tree-killing, finger-cutting paper books to a Kindle; the amazing e-book from Amazon. I can quite openly say that I have found the new love of my life, and it has a battery life of over two weeks. Compared to other things that require batteries, that is quite significant leap forward for the whole ‘me time’ scenario and a Kindle should be a standard companion in every bedside drawer.

I am an avid reader, and could be confused with a fantasy geek – were not for my wonderfully styled hair that makes me too cool for school and not cool enough for a real life.

I currently live in the Netherlands (a.k.a Holland), where I practice making faces at the locals, and not being ridden over by the million-and-one bicycles that tear through the city streets like the bulls of Pamplona. So far, I have nearly caused two accidents and would quite happily cause a third.

No animals were harmed in the making of this life-story. Except maybe a dog called Dawie.

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